Dentcoat Care - Tooth Powder

Formulated to gently clean, polish and whiten teeth while freshening breath. 

The ingredients are all-natural without chemical additives; we don't want to put toxic residues into our bodies nor put toxic by-products into the environment. This was our motto in making sure to create a non-harmful product that creates better results than any other toothpaste 

Micro-Fine Cellulose Fibers 

Give your teeth an ultra-smooth polish right into the interdental spaces. So, any new particles simply roll off tooth surfaces, plaque deposits practically cannot form. With a low RDA value of < 15, your teeth get polished and not scratched. No matter how unusual it may be the first time: you’ll notice the smooth feeling on your teeth immediately! Not only can you feel the result, but you can also see it, thanks to the polish, teeth get their shine, as with any polished surface. 

Tooth Preservation and Maintenance 

Together with an interdental brush, DENTCOAT CARE tooth powder makes oral hygiene much easier for anyone with braces, cleaning quickly and thoroughly even around the edges of braces and under the archwires. Also for bridges, crowns, implants, and other dentures.

Bleeding gums, aphthae or inflamed gums symptoms have "disappeared" within a short time after the consistent use of DENTCOAT CARE tooth-powder.

Dry ingredients can better retain their potency without having to add chemical preservatives. As a result, fewer ingredients are absorbed directly into the body via the blood vessels of the oral mucosa.

The Cosmetic Effect - Ultra Smooth Teeth

Already after the first use of DENTCOAT CARE tooth powder, you will notice that your teeth feel much smoother than any kind of toothpaste you have been using. After 2–3 days you can see for yourself, your teeth begin to shine. A smooth surface will reflect light better than a rough one. Your teeth will appear whiter and all without the use of bleach or any other harmful additives for your enamel. This is simply due to polished teeth, with a low RDA value, your teeth and get polished and not scratched. Which in turn reduces stains on and in between teeth, in particular, stains from tea, coffee, nicotine, and red wine. 

Maximum Protection

With a very small RDA value (relative dentin abrasively) of less than 30 DENTCOAT CARE tooth powder is particularly careful. For your comparison: Toothpaste with whiteners have a RDA value of up to 150 and can cause detrimental damage to your teeth if used for a longer period. It is recommended to use a soft to medium toothbrush bristle for ultimate results with DENTCOAT CARE tooth powder. 


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Note: Your two-ounce jar of tooth powder contains at least a 2 month supply of tooth powder for one person, for twice-daily use. 

Fun Coffee cup test:  Mix tooth powder with a little water and polish the stubborn coffee stains away. You will see how simple spots disappear.